Discover the benefits of outsourcing the assembly of renewable energy products

Do you need high-quality assembly? Are you weighing the options of whether to manufacture in North America or elsewhere?

We at Automodular have a long and proud track record in the automotive industry assembling complex items, precisely and in exact sequence with near-zero defects. We have developed the skills and culture that enable us to design and deploy sophisticated manufacturing plants rapidly and then run them efficiently, adhering to industry-leading levels of quality and on-time delivery.

We are now using those capabilities in industrial sectors outside of automotive, including the field of renewable energy equipment, which is part of the Ontario Feed in Tariff (FIT) program.

Find out about the benefits of outsourcing your manufacturing to Automodular including reducing shipping and inventory costs and improving product quality.


Automodular Corporation assembles components
that constitute a major proportion of the value of vehicles.