Algonquin Mercantile Corporation was incorporated in 1957 as Algonquin Building Credits Limited. Its name was changed in 1976 to Algonquin Mercantile Corporation and to Automodular Corporation in 2001. In its more than 50 years in business the Company has operated and/or managed –

  • retailing of drugs and related products;
  • provision of home health care services;
  • wholesaling, packaging and distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • manufacture of industrial piping products;
  • provision of technical and professional services to exploration and development in the mining industry;
  • complex sub-assembly and sequencing to the automotive industry; and
  • sub-assembly to the wind energy sector.

In March 2018 HLS Therapeutics Inc. was listed publicly on the TSXV by way of a Reverse Take-Over of Automodular Corporation.